Please note orders may come into contact with pet hair - If you have allergy issues please email BEFORE you order so we can source someone externally to make up and dispatch your order.

By placing an order from our website or from a team member you are agreeing you have read and understand the following information & terms:

You should be aware that every item on our store is personalised and hand made to order, by placing an order with us and by manually selecting the 'agree to terms' box you are agreeing that you understand once your order is submitted, it may not be refunded, cancelled, returned or amended. ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL. 

- No monetary refunds are made, no exceptions. In cases where any issues arrive you will be offered either a replacement, or store credit only. This is down to our discretion when we offer this. This does not effect other terms however. 


- Returns are not accepted.

- You are required to wait at least 14 days from receiving your shipping confirmation email or notice  before reporting your item lost. 




- All sticker applications are down to the customer, we will not be held responsible for damage which occurs during application and will not refund or replace any stickers if this is deemed the case. 


- We will not refund or replace any stickers which get damaged due to UV rays or other natural conditions such as snow or cold temperatures. 


- You agree you have read the product care page in full before making your purchase, which can be found by clicking HERE and under the store heading.


- You agree you have read the FAQ's page in FULL before making your purchase as found HERE and also at the bottom of the page in the footer.


- If purchasing a membership you agree to read the additional terms at the bottom of this page and full rules information.


- With custom items, We do not proofread or check, and it will be printed exactly as it is entered into the text box.  Custom text / breast print is considered a free add on, and may not always be possible. The price you pay is for the standard design and style shown, on occasions where we offer custom options we may on occasion not fulfil the request, especially in cases listed below.

- We reserve the right to leave blank any custom requests which are offensive, too long to fit within the designated size/ area, are promoting another club/brand or company.

- Any items with customisable sections, such as custom breast text, must not include the names or logos of any clubs, companies, blogs, photography pages, or unofficial affiliates of CGC.  This is not just limited to professional companies, but also to small hobby pages/ groups/ brands. 


- If you don't pay or select the correct postage option, you will receive a PayPal invoice to pay the difference, your order will not be dispatched until the correct amount is paid. 


- We will not be held accountable if you have entered the wrong address. If your order is sent to the wrong address due to incorrect information on your PayPal we will not refund, replace or compensate for this. It is entirely your responsibility to keep your PayPal information up to date.


- Should your order fail to arrive within 14 days of dispatch (applicable to domestic orders only, for anything outside of the UK please contact us within 60 days) you should contact us at cargirlculture@gmail.com to arrange a replacement. Refunds are NOT given for items which do not turn up, the order will be resent signed for delivery. Your order will be replaced only with a like-for-like item and will not be/ cannot be exchanged for another item under any circumstances. 


- If you still after second delivery attempt still claim to have not received your item you will be sent a copy of the receipt of posting. It then becomes your responsibility to claim back the money from royal mail (Applicable to orders up to £20 in value only)

- If you recieve a shipping confirmation and your order does not arrive within 14 days (domestic orders only) you must contact us within 30 days of your shipping email to claim your replacement item. If you are ordering from outside of the UK you must contact us within 60 days of receiving your shipping email. If you do not receive a shipping confirmation, and you do not contact us within 10 weeks of placing your order to report an item has failed to arrive or has arrived damaged/ incorrect then you will not be issued with a replacement.

You must make contact within 10 weeks of placing your order, or within 30 days for domestic and 60 days for international , of receiving a shipping confirmation, else you will NOT be eligible for a replacement.


- Any information regarding your order is sent and addressed to the name/ email associated with the PayPal account used to pay. We can't discuss any orders with anyone else, excluding your name and email address when you buy a membership as that is passed along to your area rep so they can contact you about upcoming events in your area. 


- If you receive a voucher or discount code, these hold no value outside of the store and cannot be exchanged for cash value. 


- If an item is damaged due to incorrect care, we will not refund or replace the item.


- Size guides are for reference ONLY, we take no responsibility for these. If you're unsure about sizing please contact us via email. We may be able to source smaller or larger sizes, please don't hesitate to ask!  

- All product images are for guidance only, colours and sizes may appear differently across different screens. 

- Clothing and accessory product images are for guidance ONLY and may not reflect the exact positioning / scale of the print. All sizes, regardless of how big or small use the same size print which is hand placed and measured from the collar and armpits on both front and rear where applicable. In photographs using the mannequin, garments may be pegged tighter or in place for the purpose of the photograph. (For example sleeves and hoods pinned forward)


- All ticket purchases are non-refundable unless the event themselves refund the club. Each event has different T&C's which you need to research.


- All raffle tickets are non-refundable, money raised by the raffle will cover the cost of the prizes and either be put towards club running costs or donated. If a raffle is being held for charity it will state in the title of the raffle. 


- All heat transfer store items come with a six-week warranty. This six-week warranty begins the day of purchase. Once an item is outside of this window we will not take any action to replace or exchange the item. 


- In the event your item arrives defective or damaged you have 24 hours from receiving your item to contact our supplier directly with the issue, you must email cargirlculture@gmail.com with supporting photos. It's possible orders get damaged in transit but very unlikely. 


- We reserve the rights to cancel any purchase or order at any given time. 


- Memberships may be rejected for the reasons listed further down on the rules page. By purchasing a membership you agree you do not fall into any of the categories listed. 


 - If your order needs replacing within the warranty time it will be replaced with an identical item. 


- By making any purchase from our website or a staff member direct you understand that CGC staff will have access to your name and address and email address. We will never sell your personal information or discuss your order or your details with anyone outside of the team or yourself. 


- You agree that if you are placing an order from outside of England your order may be subject to increased postal charges. 


- You understand that all timeframes given are ESTIMATES and we will not refund or compensate for any delayed orders. Orders may be subject to significant delays.


- In the event of club closure, or your removal from the club you will not be refunded for any purchases made.


- Designs and product content are subject to change at any time. The item you receive will be correct as of the date of the product. Any changes will be minor. We will not compensate or refund any previous purchase if a design has updated or the product contents have been added to. 


- Once an order is placed we are unable to make changes to the product. (For example, we will order your hoodie straight away, so cannot change your size or colour, however, if you contact us within a couple hours of placing your order we may be able to make amendments to the design) 


- Designs are the intellectual property of Corrupt Cult and/ or car girl culture and must not be reproduced.


- You are not permitted to re-sell any Car Girl Culture merchandise for profit.


- Any merchandise featuring our designs are NOT to be modified or defaced in any way, this includes adding business or other group names or logos onto the item. 


All designs and products featuring the Car Girl Culture name, tagline or style are the intellectual property of Corrupt cult and are NOT to be reproduced, used or replicated without written consent, consent is for a single, individual use only.


Car Girl Culture may pursue copyright infringements. 

Legal action will be taken upon anyone who copies, reproduces or uses our designs or club name without a contract in place.

Membership items additional terms

These apply in addition to those above, but are relevant only to membership items. 

- You must inform us of any address/ email address changes by sending us an email.

- You must comply with group rules at all times. 

- You must not be an admin or team member or rep for any competing or blacklisted groups, clubs or companies. 

- You understand your membership can be revoked at any given time if you break club rules/ or if you meet the requirements specified below:

- People who do not live or fully identify as female

- Admins, owners or promoters of competing groups

- People who have been banned from any of our groups or forums

- People who openly commit driving offences

- Anyone who is an admin, moderator or promoter for any blacklisted groups

If you do not meet the decline criteria when you purchase your membership but later fall into one of the above categories you will be subject to membership termination. 

You must make us aware of any changes of your situation, for example if you find yourself as a team member for what you may consider a competing group (another female based group for example) then you must make us aware within 24 hours of this change, if you fail to do so your membership will be terminated without any warning.

If you do not accurately provide colour information on your membership purchase, you will be provided with white stickers. For example if you enter 'red', that is not an accepted term and your purchase will default to gloss white stickers. We have several variations of some colours so you must be specific and enter them as they are listed on the colour list, for example 'Gloss red' and 'Red gloss' would both be accepted. If your order arrives with gloss white stickers due to error when entering your colour choice we will not refund or replace these stickers, by purchasing membership you have agreed and confirmed you have read the full product page, group rules and T&C's of purchasing, thus should have known how to use the colour options text field. 

Termination of membership is not taken lightly, and will only happen if several admins are in agreement that your behaviour impacts the group negatively, for example if you post event links repeatedly into the VIP group where there is no post approvals. We tend to be slightly more lenient towards VIP members and group strikes, but all members only get one tag/warning. Once that single warning is given, if you continue to break group rules you will receive strikes as usual, once you hit three (all of which get recorded) you will be removed from the club without further warning or discussion and you will not be reimbursed for your membership costs. Once membership is revoked you will be banned from all applicable groups and services.

Membership will NOT be refunded if it is terminated after review.

Delivery times & guaranteed arrival dates

Delivery times as stated on the FAQ page are subject to delays and are heavily dependent on how many orders are being processed at one time. These time are to be used aestimate ONLY and does not guarantee your item will arrive within the advised timeframe. 

If the store is shut (over holidays and other circumstances) orders will not be shipped until the dates shown on the top of the store page. A day is considered a working day, Monday to Friday. 

All orders over £20 are sent either royal mail signed for or via parcel2go, and you will receive an email from them to the email which you use to pay (ONLY applicable to parcel2go orders, alternatively you may receive a shipping confirmation from our web-store - this will include your tracking information with Royal Mail), THIS IS NOT A NOTICE THAT THE ORDER HAS BEEN DISPATCHED, ONLY TO LET YOU KNOW THE POSTAGE HAS BEEN BOOKED! IT MAY TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 2 WEEKS FOR THE ORDER TO BE DISPATCHED! 

Delivery timeframes are goals, and can not always be met. Whilst we try out best to ensure that all delivery goals are met we do not take responsibility if a delivery is late or delayed. Once the items have been dropped off at the parcel drop off point or at the royal mail post office, there is nothing further we can do if there are delays. 

You will receive no compensation or gesture if your order is late/ delayed. 

Any orders containing items which are out of stock will not be dispatched until the item or colour choice is available again. We aim to restock every 12 weeks, at most.

Please be aware that shipping estimates are a GOAL and we do not guarantee to meet these. There may be a multitude of reasons which orders and emails are delayed, for any queries or questions please email us as usual. 

All orders placed in November & December may be subject to delays of up to 30 working days.