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Whilst we try to create a welcoming atmosphere in CGC, there are some people and groups who are not welcome to join our community. Rest assured this is not without good reason. We keep a record of any company, clubs or individuals who are known to bully, harass, or who go out of their way to cause issues within the community, subsequently, we do not welcome those associated with those listed and will block them from our social media platforms. Examples of these 'blacklisted' names include people, clubs, communities of companies who:

- Have been known to spam-post.

- Have been known to con people.

- Have been known to spam add our members.

- Have been involved with bullying another member.

- Have been banned on another account already for breaking group rules.

- Have been reported to have been making derogatory comments and posts online.

- Have been reported and witnessed committing illegal activity and/or dangerous driving. (E.G snap-chatting whilst driving)

By getting involved with us in any form you are agreeing to follow these set rules.

Please see below for a list of club guidelines which apply to all of our groups and community pages.
We operate on a three strike system, first you’ll be tagged in the comments of this post, a further two rule breaks and you’ll be banned and have your VIP membership revoked if applicable. 
Some rules may result in an instant ban if broken.

These club rules apply when your pack has been purchased as a gift or on your behalf. It is entirely the responsibility of the person purchasing the pack to provide us with correct names and contact information for you, and then your responsibility to ensure you are aware of the full club and membership rules. 



Rudeness towards any team members or sent to any of our social media accounts is not tolerated, should you be faced with a ban that is final.

This includes rude or offensive behaviour to any of our club sponsors.

Should there be an issue we strongly believe in 'treat people how you want to be treated' and if you approach people in a rude, blunt or unkind manor, including our team members you can expect to be spoken to the same in return. We appreciate things like order delays or not knowing why you've been removed from the groups can be frustrating but that's absolutely no reason to forget the people/ account you address are HUMAN BEINGS who deserve just as much respect as you.

If your first post breaks any of our community rules you WILL be removed without warning.

DO NOT share any screenshots from any of our closed or secret social media platforms or groups. 

DO NOT encourage, admit to or imply any illegal activity.

DO NOT SHARE ANY EXTERNAL OR UNAPPROVED LINKS! Approved links are our own website or club affiliates ONLY! This includes sharing other groups, pages or web links. 

PLEASE DO NOT attempt to promote groups, businesses, companies or pages you represent or own in comments, photos or any other way. 

DO NOT use this group for poaching/ advertising for any other groups or businesses. This includes adding/ messaging members or asking them to message you with the intent to promote your group or business.

DO NOT Advertise any businesses unless they're a club affiliate. 

DO NOT add or message members you meet here without checking with them first! Some people value their privacy. 

DO NOT set up group chats or events within CGC without asking a team member first.

DO NOT share any event links to CGC. (This includes in comments!) We have a thread under ‘group files’ for this, which will still show in the main group feed when updated. 

DO NOT share 'for sale', 'Giving away/ free' or 'wanted' adverts to the main groups. Instead, post to Car Girl Culture - BUY&SELL

DO NOT share your instagram/ other social media accounts (directly to the group OR in comments on other threads. We have a thread in our group files where you can post. This includes ALL social media platforms, including youtube) This includes screen shots from your account! Please crop your images!! You can also share your car related hobby links on this file!

Car related posts ONLY to our main forums please! (There may be some exceptions to this which are at the admins discretion! )

Do not add 'F' to posts it spams people's notifications and gets really annoying - on both mobile and desktop on the 'three dots' where you can delete your post, on other people's post you can click save or 'turn on notifications' which updates you with every new comment and keeps the threads clean and easy to use!

Absolutely no racism, abuse or rudeness towards members, sponsors, team members or admins.

Be respectful with your comments, we know everyone has different opinions, however, you can express these without being rude. Avoid trying to pick an argument, it will not be indulged. We also monitor activity outside of the groups, please do not send/post untoward messages/comments to other group members. 

Any charity, competition and 'please vote for me' related posts must be cleared with admin before you attempt to post. This must also be contained to one post which you can bump up to the top as you please. You must not message people or comment the link anywhere else within the groups.

PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ADMINS REGARDING ORDERS! You should not comment/ post to the groups for this.
You should email for help.  We can only contact you on the email you placed the order using. 

DO NOT get products made/ make items yourself with the Car Girl Culture brand name on, or replicate any of our original designs. You may face legal action.

If you wish to host your own CGC meet please contact us with your location and your local rep will contact you, please do not just post or comment 'anyonewant to sort a meet' due to liability reasons the club admins must assist you.

Member/post/comment approval and removal is at the discretion of admins. Following our anti-drama llama campaign, we do not welcome anyone who is an admin, rep or who actively promotes a competing/blacklisted group/ club/ community.

If you are issued with a ban it is permanent and will not be discussed further, you will not be warned before being banned.

VIP membership additional rules:

Please see the terms and conditions for additional terms and conditons of VIP membership.



-You must not take screenshots of ANYTHING relating to the secret VIP group, this includes the groups member list, posts, files, events. 


- You must not add other members to any competing/ blacklisted groups. (I.E other female groups) 


- You must not share your discount codes/ passwords with anyone who is not a VIP member.


- You must not be an admin or team member or rep for any competing/ blacklisted groups, clubs or companies. If you are unsure please contact us by email or by messaging our facebook page for clarification.


- You must make us aware of any changes of your situation, for example if you find yourself as a team member for what you may consider a competing/ blacklisted group then you must make us aware within 24 hours of this change.  


- You must not be rude to club affiliates, or purposely hinder any business relationships we have as a club. Should you find a problem with a club affiliate please send us an email detailing the problems, and we will look into the situation as soon as we can.

- You must not bully, spam or harass any admin or member. 

- While what you post on your personal social media etc is your business, if there are reports or complaints of posts which are causing offence and upset we may review your membership. We do not tolerate bullying, racism, sexism or any type of hateful attitudes. 

-Membership termination is entirely at admins discretion if we feel you are being detrimental to our club values or community. We reserve the right to remove any member without refund who is actively causing other members or admin stress, upset or generally causing drama within or for the group.


Termination of membership is not taken lightly, and will only happen if several admins are in agreement that your behaviour impacts the group negatively, for example, if you post event links repeatedly into the VIP group where there is no post approvals.


We tend to be slightly more lenient towards VIP members and group strikes, but all members only get one tag/warning. Once that single warning is given, if you continue to break group rules you will receive strikes as usual, once you hit three (all of which get recorded) you will be removed from the club without further warning or discussion and you will not be reimbursed for your membership costs. Once membership is revoked you will be banned from all applicable groups and services. You will under no circumstances receive any form of compensation or reimbursement for any purchases from us. 


Membership will NOT be refunded if it is terminated after review.

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