It's not what you have in life,

but who you have in your life...

That's what really matters.

About us...


The home of female automotive enthusiasts, Car Girl Culture car club.

Car Girl Culture is the leading female - orientated car community and brand, but are international! with over 13K ladies in our primary Facebook group, over 20k likes on our page and over 35k followers on Instagram! All of our likes, interactions and followers are all genuine, we take pride in being an honest and trustworthy community and strongly believe in leading by example. 


 We pride ourselves on our club values by trying to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of skill level or background.  We don't judge anyone for their tastes, choices or lack of knowledge. We have such an amazing range of ladies who are active in the club you won't fail to find someone you'll get along with and relate to! We respect and appreciate all builds and those who enjoy the standard life. 


We're welcoming to ALL genders, despite being a female club we have some amazing gentlemen who work hard to support us and who join us for shows. From time to time we get told 'that's so sexist', to which we invite anyone who feels that way to join us for shows or events and find out for themselves exactly how well we treat everyone who associates with us! The primary reseason our community exists is for ladies to make friends, be that female or male friends. There are so many groups and clubs which exist, yet few where people can really feel involved and at home so we aim to offer that to people. 


We have no cause or agenda just a love for the car scene, and a love for llamas... 


 We identified the lack of affordable and high-quality enthusiast clothing and accessories aimed towards the lovely ladies in the scene, so in addition to our community, we also huge take pride in our clothing and club branded items available on our store! We offer a range of stock and custom clothing and sticker designs, as well as popular designs with a girly twist! 


Everyone who chooses to interact with our groups or social media accounts must abide by strict rules which help protect our community and members which helps us protect our much-loved community members to the best of our ability and maintain the high standards expected of a well-established and leading community.


We have four official Facebook groups and a public page to like. We have accounts on all major social media platforms which can be found in our footer.


We're a community small enough to care, but big enough to matter. As a member, we've got your back when you need us!