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About us...

The home of female automotive enthusiasts, Car Girl Culture car club.

Founded in 2016, Car Girl Culture is one of the largest and most reputable female car clubs worldwide. 

We are based in the UK but have members globally. 

Six years on, we have gone through thick and thin as a club and welcomed over 15,000 ladies to our closed Facebook group, and nearly 1000 VIP members. 

We take huge pride in being down to earth, our main goal is to provide a fun, safe, informative community for females within the automotive community and industry. We welcome members who are just starting out on their journey, and seasoned show-goers alike! 

We do all our own merchandise in house, we manage our own groups personally and take huge pride on being contactable and genuine. We pride ourselves on not selling out our core values! 

Why not join us and find out a little more?

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