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About us...

Hi everyone! 

I'm Kitty, I founded CGC back in 2016 while I was studying at uni! The idea came when I had just got my first car, I went to a meet held by a car club for girls and only me and two other girls turned up - not any of the club admin!


I thought about how I really wanted to make new friends, have somewhere I could fit in, and have a group of people who's interests and values aligned with my own... I decided after chatting to some of the girls I'd met through the group that it was time to actively make the community I wanted to be apart of. 

Over the next couple of years I worked relentlessly alongside uni to promote and grow the group, I spent countless sleepless nights making content, recruiting new members and promoting the club in any way possible. We quickly grew to become the largest female car club worldwide. 

I also began making all of our merchandise in house, by hand! I'm still doing this after nearly 6 years! 

On average we've attended 10-15 shows a year for the past 5 years and we frequent castle combe, Silverstone and our fave shows BHP and modified nationals!

We have won multiple awards for our club stands, and we host awards just for those on stand with us too, which is always fun! I owe a massive part of myself to the people I've met through this group who have supported me in overcoming a huge amount of anxiety I had! I used to *freaaak* at groups of people, always feeling self conscious because of my weight and my appearance - show by show, announcement by announcement I found so many people shared the same anxieties about themselves, their cars and just generally in life! Connecting with others who faced the same struggles gave me a whole new lease of life, I learnt to let go of what I couldn't control and I learnt to accept and love myself, as well as my style choices! I finally started to find the confidence to try new things, get my hands dirty and to this day I will always feel a sense of debt to the amazing people I meet and have met for helping me on such a personal level.

I have to say though, alongside me has always been a team of incredible ladies who also give all their love and effort to the community and group, we've seen different team members come and go over the years but every single one of them has unconditionally given their commitment to grow this community and help find ways to improve and do better every time. Some of these ladies have forever shaped the person I am, have picked me up when I've been down, loved my daughter as their own, given parts of themselves and opened up on a level you can't help but love. 

It's been an incredible journey so far, and I've made some friends for life who have been with me through university, relationship breakdowns, house moves, the birth of my daughter and so many more huge moments in my life! (Who knew life would throw so much at you in 6 years eh!) 

And I owe the person I am today to this group, to the community and to the amazing people I've met along the way! 

I cant wait to see what the future holds and I hope you'll consider joining us for it! 

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