Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you have read and follow these care instructions, if damage occurs to your product due to not following these instructions then warranty will not be honoured. 


All of our stickers are made using top quality external grade vinyl!

Vinyl stickers require careful application and aftercare to ensure they last as long as possible.


1) Ensure the area for application is clean, DO NOT use any WAX or ALCOHOL based cleaning products. We strongly advise to use plain water, then leave for an hour after you dry it before applying your sticker. Yes, being too clean is an issue!

2) Once the area is clean and dry, you should check the temperature of the glass or surface you are applying it too. Too cold or too hot and you will have problems! You should lay your sticker on a flat surface, then apply pressure rub your hand over your sticker as if you're rubbing it to warm up, this will help activate the adhesive and re-stick the transfer tape after shipping, it's very important you do this! 

3) Then you can begin to peel back the transfer tape (clear) from your sticker.

You should take your time with this, start at one corner and SLOWLY begin to peel before disposing of the white(or blue) backing paper. (Should you find the sticker is getting stuck to the backing paper and not coming away with the transfer tape, this is because the sticker is too cold and not enough pressure has been applied, you need to use your hand to rub over the sticker several times to create friction and warm it up while pushing down. 

4) Lay your sticker in the desired area then rub hard over it with a cloth of some kind or your sleeve, again to 'warm' it up so to speak. Some people may choose to use a credit card or squeegee at this point however this is not required. 

5) Begin to peel off the transfer tape, go very slowly and ensure every letter/ part of the sticker is stuck, if it peels up with the transfer rape, put it back down and rub it further, applying a fair amount of pressure. 


Your sticker will not stick or last if you;

- Use cleaning products on your glass or bodywork and do not clean them off before attempting to apply.

- Do not apply enough pressure or warmth.

- If you apply too much heat, do not try to use a hair dryer or heat gun! 

- If the area you're applying it too is too hot or too cold.

- Use cleaning products over the vinyls.

- Pressure wash them.

- Catch them with cleaning cloths. 


These are the easiest of types to apply due to being thick, these will leave an adhesive residue which is a lot stronger than standard gloss vinyls, we strongly advise using these on glass only.


These are incredibly fragile and delicate, these should have extra care and attention made when applying them, ensuring each letter is pressed over. Especially chrome and sparkle stickers, we strongly advise you take great care with these!


How to apply and care for your vinyl stickers.

CLOTHING (Heat transfer vinyl)

All of our clothing is printed using heat pressed vinyls, we use top quality brands and have an amazing range of colours available. 

To ensure maximum life from your product please follow these instructions:

- Cold wash/ hand wash only (30 degrees or less)

- Do not tumble dry

- Wash inside out only

- Do not iron over the print/ design

- Do not dry clean 

- Store hanging/ with the design flat 

Please be aware zip hoodies, jackets and bags may show the zip on the other side of the garment from pressing - please do not try to iron This out! this will come out by itself after a few wears and is unavoidable on coloured hoodies and jackets as they're slightly thinner than black! 

Hoodies, Tshirts, pet clothing, lanyards etc

Waterproof jackets

Coats are water resistant and should be wipe cleaned where possible, if you do need to wash these please ensure you follow all of the same instructions for normal clothing items. 

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