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Pair of cherry blossom Instagram stickers

Style: custom Instagram handle

Aprox Size: 20/25cm

Application: Exterior

The base colour for your username is WHITE, your colour choice is for the logo and the flower details.

These are hand designed around your username and hand placed so designs will very. Depending on how long your username is these will be a maximum of 25cm long.

Lead time: Please refer to the FAQ page



All stickers are cut and made to order, these are considered personalised custom items.


Please be aware that some vinyls (special effects and craft vinyls) may be harder to apply and not as durable or long lasting as the standard vinyls, glow in the darks and reflective vinyl is notoriously tricky to apply. For further information and assistance please contact us and refer to our product application and care guides, as we do not refund or exchange items which have been damaged during application.

Pair of cherry blossom Instagram stickers