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THANK YOU SO MUCH! for showing interest in becoming a brand ambassador for CGC.
Before you go any further, please make sure you read this page to learn a little more about what this will mean for you, and what responsibilities we ask of you! 

Becoming a BA for the club will mean your social footprint will be intertwined with the club, we have absolutely ZERO tolerance for bullying, sexism, racism and any form of hate - Our mission as a club is to promote a stress, drama and judgement free zone for all female automotive enthusiasts and our supporters.

We actively encourage everyone to voice their opinion in a polite, tasteful and respectful way. We believe no women should ever be silenced, it's healthy to have our own dislikes/ tastes and opinions - but we should all have mutual respect for each other to be able to have constructive communication that doesn't leave a bad taste.  We absolutely do remove people who cannot be tactful in how they communicate with others, there is never a good reason to be rude or cruel. Zero tolerance, is zero tolerance.

There has been a huge increase in online hate towards 'car girls' because of the cars they drive, the occupations they have and the way they dress/ present themselves. Isn't there already enough hate coming from outside, without hating on each other? 
CGC has a HUGE variety of people from various backgrounds, with a massive variety of cars and personal tastes!

We whole heartedly support female enthusiasts, and scrolling through TikTok and instagram to see hate for fiat drivers, OF girls, girls who dont wrench, girls who do wrench, girls who drive autos, girls who just want attention... all you see is hate on girls, and now all you see is girls hating on girls... jumping on horrible trends.
Literally MADNESS!! RIGHT?! 

Well, enough is enough. We're fighting back. We're fighting back against the hate, we're fighting back against cliquey bitchy groups, and we're fighting back against stupid stereotypes and expectations. 

Take a stand with us, help us rebuild this broken community within the car scene.

This application isn't to judge who has the most what, how modified or not your car is, how big your social is - but it's to get a feel for who you are - understand a little better how important being part of a bigger cause is for you, and to help us create a team of leaders who are willing and able to stand up for what they believe in! 

Being a BA will include: Active promotion of the club on your personal accounts, consistently be involved online, attend shows and meets where possible, represent the club with your exclusive merch, have mentions of the club in your social bios, recruit new members, earn commission from your discount code, promote shows, share posts from the club - most importantly feel passionately about how awesome a female community can be!


BA Application
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Thank you! We’ll be in touch! This may take a few weeks as we're super busy heading into show season!

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