Car Girl Culture - Ultimate show guide!

Car shows... some of the most exciting events of the year!

For a lot of people, it can be a minefield trying to get organised for them! Especially for full weekend shows with camping involved, we've put together a little guide on the essentials and what you should expect!

So, what should you bring with you?

Food & Drink

A lot of shows will have places you can buy food and drink, however this comes at a hefty price compared to what you'd pay at a supermarket. For a day event, I take one bottle of water and one bottle of fizzy for a day show, but always suggest bringing some spared! It's better too have too much than not enough. I strongly suggest taking a few extra bottles of water, it's better to take too much than not enough.


A fab idea are cool boxes! you can pick up a pretty decent size box for around £10, and skinny/slim ice packs which can last up to 9 hours for £4 (per pair) which will keep you going for a decent amount of time, especially if you travel with it in the footwell with your AC on like I do!


You're going to need to be carrying cash on you, regardless of if you want to be buying from the trade stands.

Cash points within the show grounds often charge to withdraw your money... not cool but it's probably down to the convenience of it.

You never know when you may need cash, and you can always pay it back into your account but you won't be able to avoid those charges on the ATM's once you're parked up and eyeing up the deals in the trade stands...

Or when your packed lunch just doesn't smell as good as those lush burgers!

I usually take around £50 for each day, but you should check on which companies are attending, as if you think you'd definitely like to buy from them you should consider bringing more.


This is an absolute must have for any show, after getting badly burnt at the start of April at spring action I can't stress enough how important it is, even if you think you won't need it.

For weekends it'd also be worth bringing aftersun, in the event you're a little late to the protection party. You're outside all day and will need to stay protected and hydrated throughout the day, especially if you're attending with children!


Car shows are social events, and we always encourage people not to just sit in their cars, but come to the table on stand and chill out. We strongly suggest bringing something to sit on, sometimes stands are placed onto stone or tarmac and you'd be better off bringing a camping chair. Over the warmer months Tescos have been selling two for £8 but you can pick up camping chairs from most places online such as Ebay and Amazon.

Accommodation/ camping supplies

For weekend events you'll need to make arrangements for either a hotel or buy camping with your ticket (some tickets have general camping included)

You'll need to be booked up months in advance as there are hundreds of people who book hotels for shows.

If you're camping you'll need to remember your tent! warm bedding, even in summer it gets chilly at night, consider bringing a onesie. You should also bring things such as torches, power banks for your phones.

Some camping areas also allow BBQ's, so if that's something you'd enjoy make sure to bring your supplies for that! If we're camping as a club we may arrange a BBQ between us, so it's just a case of bringing your own food! (pre-cooked in the oven is always a good idea with BBQ's)

Electronics and cameras

Phones, cameras, Ipads are all fab for capturing those stunning cars and funny moments at shows. I strongly suggest investing in a power bank or even two! I purchased an anchor power bank which will charge my phone from flat up to four times, which is amazing as I use it for google maps on my way home! I also have a spare battery for my DSLR which I bring as I love taking photos and videos, especially of the stand! If you can't get your hands on a power bank make sure to get an in car charge to plug your normal charging cable into.


There will be no show without these! Make sure you keep them in an easy to reach and safe place! It's worth laminating or re-enforcing paper printed tickets if they need to be hanging.

Car products

From top up oil to quick detailer, you best be prepared to clean your car a million times over once you park up ready for the show. Be prepared with lots of microfibres! Another important thing to remember is any required bits and bobs you may need, are you using the track? what will you store your extra fuel in? do you have a helmet and track insurance? Maintenance is the most important thing, make sure you've got spares or top up on things you may need. Before leaving be sure to check tyre pressures, oil and screen wash levels. Another useful thing to carry are jump leads, check in the event to see if anyone is bringing any before buying some!

Personal items

These are so important! toilet roll, spare clothes, body spray and usual toiletries for a night away from home, towels if there is a shower block, and any medications you may need.

A strong suggestion... baby wipes! We'd suggest bringing an extra set of shoes as you never know when rain will hit, you don't want to end up in your wet muddy shoes all weekend.

Waterproof and warm clothes are a must have, even for summer shows there's the possibility you'll need them and it's better to be safe than sorry!

Stay up to date with your club!

It's vital to stay up to date with your group, is there a convoy arranged? Do you know who you're camping with? Don't be afraid to post into event pages to find out who is going from your local area.

In terms of CGC we don't do the whole sitting in cars all day thing, we want everyone to be relaxed, have fun and make new friends. We're all there for the same reason and there's no need to be shy!

Of course, we won't force you into social situations you're not comfortable with but we will make every attempt to make sure everyone gets involved, old and new faces alike!

Questions? No problem!

Never hesitate to contact any of the reps who are running events, if we can't answer your question we will get in touch with the event organisers on your behalf so you can feel super prepared!


show tickets




power pack / in car charger + phone cables



extra water

baby wipes

a camping chair

sun cream

after sun


warm clothing

extra shoes




Something to add? Pop me an email to I'd love to hear from you!

I can't wait to see everyone at shows this year!

Hannah Elizabeth (Green)


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