Wrapping a car... should you try?

In short, yes and no. It really depends on how much you're willing to risk in terms of material cost, damage to your car/paintwork and how much time and patience you're willing to invest!

My main thought really is that there IS a reason people pay £1000+ for a car wrap, usually £1500+ for a decent job.

I'll go through the items we used, the time it took and the cost.


- Heat gun

- 18 meters of vinyl air release wrap (not ebay rubbish! it's rated for 5/7 years depending on care)

- Four magnets with handles

- Several blades

- White felted squeegee

- Cutting tape

- A full tool kit for bumper/ trim removal

- A tape measure

- Scissors


- Wrap : £450

- Tools: £50 - £100


About 40 hours give or take


- Damage to the paintwork with blades

- Wrap pulling up any thin/ peeling parts of paint

- Over heating during application causing paint bubbling

- Breaking trims and bolts during panel removal

- Over heating/ stretching of wrap causing white patches and marks in the vinyl

- Vinyl being too cold and ripping

- Vinyl not being post heating and failing

- You may end up wanting to punch everyone in the eye


Ooooh lordy honestly I 10/10 would not recommend.

As someone who has a lot of vinyl experience, it was still a 210% nightmare.

We removed all panels (bumpers) to get the best finish possible but without a panel stand it was not easy. The more curves, the worse it's going to be to wrap so by starting with my mk1 TT... I have no idea what we were thinking.

The biggest mistake I made was going into it thinking 'oh it looks easy, if i can wrap small parts then I can do this, if I understand how the vinyl works and moves then we got this' because dear God we did NOT have this.

Honestly, the bigger panels like the bonnet and doors were the easiest to wrap. It was things like the mirrors, handles, bumpers and the side curves that were a nightmare. Between the joins, splits and the lack of panel stands it began as good fun, then just became a total chore ><

Check out the video link for the time-lapse and discussion!

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