Platinum refresher pack - Hoodie, Tshirt,  lanyard, stickers

This is a refresher pack for current members only!

1x sticker sheet

1x lanyard

1x tshirt

1x hoodie




Gloss black

Gloss white

Gloss red

Gloss green

Gloss yellow

Gloss purple

Gloss orange

Gloss hot pink

Gloss baby pink

Gloss blue

Gloss baby blue

Gloss teal

Gloss grey

Matte black

Matte silver

Matte gold

Silver oil slick

Rose gold oil slick

Chrome silver

Chrome gold

Chrome blue

Chrome pink

Chrome purple

Chrome rose gold

Sparkle silver

Sparkle gold

Sparkle rose gold

Sparkle black

Sparkle red

Sparkle blue

Sparkle baby blue

Sparkle hot pink

Sparkle purple

Glitter black

Glitter blue

Glitter pink

Glitter purple

Glitter red

Glitter green

Neon pink

Neon green

Neon orange

Platinum refresher pack - Hoodie, Tshirt, lanyard, stickers

Tshirt size (unfitted)
Hoodie style
Hoodie/jumper size

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