Black gloss rainbow glitter sunstrip

150cm long by approximately 15cm to 20cm deep (size varies), THESE ARE HAND CUT AND WILL NEED TRIMMING DURING APPLICATION! black with rainbow flaking air release vinyl strip.

It's hard to get in photos but when the light reflects it shifts into a stunning rainbow/ oil spill effect. This is true air release vinyl, hence the price and should be applied similarly to car wrap vinyl WITHOUT water, onto a clean dry surface.

Like all car vinyls this is best applied when warm, and is at risk of tearing if not handled with care. We strongly advise you go to a professional for application and will NOT refund in any instance if application goes wrong. All you need to apply this is a blade (to trim the top - in line with the top of your windscreen) some masking tape (to tape off the paintwork if your windscreen doesn't have a rubber seal) and a squeegee or something to flatten it out with (bank cards etc are a little thin but work)

Black gloss rainbow glitter sunstrip


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