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By attending an event with us, or by attending a meet or event hosted by us you're agreeing...

-Acceptable behaviour policy

Whilst most of this will probably be common sense, we felt it important to express in writing what we, as a club, expect in terms of driving, behaviour and respect etc.


Below are following guidelines you agree to when attending any event we host or we attend as a club. As you're part of CGC and representing us, it's vital we make a good impression to the public! 



- You must respect the organisers and other people attending the event, avoid bullying, abuse, or rude remarks to other people in attendance.



- You must drive with due care and not participate in any anti-social driving or commit any driving or parking offenses.



- You will not be able to hold CGC or any persons associated with the club responsible for loss, theft or damage to public or personal property, nor will we cover legal fees if you choose to claim via any insurance in place.



- If an event host/ organiser or marshal asks you to leave, you will leave as soon as requested, providing it is safe to do so, safe circumstances are considered as whatever said person asking you to leave deems.



- You will be removed from any club group or page if you do not follow event guidelines.



- You must ensure you are aware of any limitations, guidelines or important information set out by the land owners, event organisers or any persons hosting. 



- You are personally responsible for ensuring you follow the guidelines we have set out in order to create safe, legal and fun meets and events for all those interested.


- You must not attempt to book an event with us if you have been banned from the club. If you do, tickets will not be refunded and you will not be permitted entry into our stand space. It will be your responsibility to find another club to use your ticket with.


- You must not attempt to display banners, flags or any other promotional items for another club, community or business unless this has been agreed upon prior to the event.


- You must not jack your car up on the stand or attempt to complete/ undertake any mechanical work on the allocated stand area. 


- You must NEVER leave your children unattended in the stand area.  





By attending any meets relating to Car Girl Culture or displaying on any of our club stands you are agreeing to the above acceptable behaviour as well as these terms...



By sending your payment for any shows or events which require money to be exchanged, or booking yourself onto a club stand, or by attending any of our events you’re agreeing that you’ve been sent this before sending your payment and have read this whole document and agree to the terms set by the club and the event organisers!


- You are agreeing that any damage to your car or personal injury is the responsibility of yourself. 


- You understand that VIP drivers and female members have priority for event tickets.


-You agree to arrive before the gates close, or you may be turned away from stand due to space. 


- You are giving us permission to photograph and video your car, where your number plate may be on display. You are also agreeing that all content can be used for promotional purposes to the club and will be displayed publicly on our social media accounts and website, these photos may on occasion include faces. 


- If you purchase a sticker for an event, it is non-refundable. 


- You give us permission to use any images or videos taken at these events, be it for display purposes or promotional purposes, without compensating you. These photos will not be removed  if you leave the club (With exceptions of photos including faces - which can be removed upon written request only and may take several months to do so)


- All payments are non-refundable, each event has different rules on in what instances they'll issue refunds, which is at the discretion of the event organisers, not CGC. In the event this happens, we have to wait for the show to process the refunds before we can refund anyone ourselves.


- Payments are to be sent via paypal only after agreed with an admin if you are not purchasing through the store. Store purchased tickets are subject to an admin fee. 


- IF WE ARE SENDING OUT TICKETS: When confirming your booking we will NOT check your address to make sure we have the correct one down for sending tickets to! (often we won’t receive the tickets until a few weeks before the event) we won’t be held responsible if the ticket gets sent the wrong place, thus no refund! So please please make sure you give us the correct information.


- Each event has its own set of guidelines and rules for people attending to follow, it's down to you to ensure you've read up the official event rules, because if you get thrown out for not following them, that's down to you personally. Often these guidelines will tell you what you can and can't do, bring or what your ticket does and doesn't cover.


- More often than not the ticket price will include the ticket cost, booking fee and any other costs involved with you getting your ticket. Tickets will also often only cover the driver and car (and camping if chosen etc) HOWEVER this varies from event to event so again, this is something you will need to take the time to find out, or ask us and we can try to assist you finding the answers.


- We reserve the right to revoke any tickets at any given time. 



Admin/ club fees

Some events may be subject to an admin/ club fee, this ranges and is never more than £5 per ticket.

We charge this for:

- Covering any paypal fees from the transaction

- Covering the costs of printing tickets 

- Putting money towards new club materials such as flags and banners etc 

We will make you aware on the product listing if a ticket is subject to these charges, all charges are already calculated in the cost advertised.


Our club policies and guidelines are subject to change as regularly as deemed needed, please ensure you check this page before attending anything with the club!


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